About Our Company

Lio is a Food brand specializing in very high-quality food products that aim to enhance the health and well-being of the communities. We started with Lio in one product only, more than 22 years ago. Today, we have more than 80 products in canned food and beverages.
We produce our products in our ISO 22000 certified factories with the highest hygiene and safety practices. We do not add preservatives to our products, and they are all sanitized in the best Autoclave systems in the world. We import some of our products from world-class suppliers from Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Spain, Seri Lanka, Lebanon, and more.


Our Vision:
It is to deliver healthy and safe food and beverages to all of our customers worldwide. And to empower our co-workers to be proud of the products they make.
Our values:
Our values always have and will always be to respect the products we produce and the people behind the product's success. We continue to help everyone who needs food, education, and health, which we do in CSR.